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JACK Audio Connection Kit

Last weekend, I was trying out the JACK Audio Connection Kit on Linux Environment. They say its not limited to Linux and is/will be available for other UNIX like OS, Windows & Mac. I was lazy and involved with some HTML learning, so I could only understand and execute the basic program provided with it. Coming weekend I may try it for other programs and give you a better article. The following are a few of the things I noticed.

  • JACK is a very simple & intuitive API, for routing & processing digital audio, in realtime.
  • JACK is meant for professional audio, and not very good for very low processing power embedded sytems. May be you can do simple processings with an ARM.
  • JACK is in concept similar to analog modular synthesisers, where you connect one/more modules (eg: sound generators) to one/more other modules (eg: filters), using patch cords. The modules being replaced by software programs(like music players, your own programs etc.), and the interconnection of each module specified in the programs.
  • You can implement your own realtime Audio Processing Algorithm, in C using JACK API.
  • The API is huge and repel many amateurs. The fact is that with 10 to 12 functions, you can build fairly complex audio softwares.

You can expect more of my experiences with JACK in the weeks that follow.

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