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The Kolkata Experience

June 29, 2010 1 comment

This weekend, I was on a small tour – to Kolkata. The saturday, sunday and monday were the days of Engineering Services Exam. One of my friend and I got Naktala in Kolkata as the examination centre. The city was totally unknown to me. Accommodation was not ready even on thursday night. Friday morning one of my classmate knocked at my room and told me that he also has the same centre, and that one of his friend studying at Jadavpur University will arrage the accommodation. Later I went to department, for project.

Friday evening, we together went to Kharagpur railway station on a rickshaw. Boarded a local train to Howrah, and reached there at 7:30 in the evening. We had a hard time figuring out the train to Jadavpur. After half an hour of roaming around we boarded a bus. One hour of jerky ride through the busy streets of Kolkata. Finally we reached Jadavpur, and my friend’s friend was waiting for us at the bus stop. Our stay was arranged at his room.

The next day, the most significant news was that of the bus strike. On a rickshaw we went to Naktala from Jadavpur. It took half an hour. There was only one exam — in the forenoon. We planned to go for sight-seeing in the afternoon. One of our classmate had informed us about the metro-rail station at Naktala. The station was not far. We got down at Rabindara Sadan station. Then we roamed around that part of the city, on foot. After 2-3 hours of roaming, we finally figured out the important places around. After lunch, we went to Victoria Memorial. Because of the bus strike, there were no visitor’s queue in front. We could get in easily. It is a work of art, that is not showning any sign of ageing or weakness, thought almost 100 years old.

After spending almost 2 hours inside and in the garden, we went to the big maidan opposite to the Victoria. We could find a few horses, and a few children flying kite. We continued our journey by walk toward the Eden Garden. But visitors were not allowed in due to renovation works in progress. We had to figure out the nearest metro-rail station. We asked it to a local there. To our surprise, we were close to the Esplanade Station. We have covered two stations by walk!. Went to the Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (Tollygunge) Station, from where we could get to Jadavpur, on a taxi, that shuttled between the two places.

Sunday it was two exams, each of two hour duration. In the evening, we, along with our friend went to the south city shopping centre for minor shopping, and after that got back to room. The next day also there were two exams — boring written exams. After all of it, we started our return journey to kharagpur. We got a bus numbered 6 from Naktala and it took 1 hour to reach Howrah Railway Station. Then boarded the Midnapore local, that goes through the Kharagpur station. After 3 hours of train journey we reached Kharagpur station at 10:30 night. It took another 30 minute rickshaw ride to get to the campus.

That concludes our eventful journey to Kolkata.

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