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Install Firefox 4 on Ubuntu

May 11, 2011 2 comments

Firefox 4 is catching on. Still Ubuntu has not put this in its stable repositories, for the older versions. Newbies in Ubuntu will find installing Firefox 4 difficult. This describes the method I used to install Firefox 4.

First download Firefox 4 from the official site. The downloaded file will be an archive named firefox-4.0.1.tar.bz2. Extract the archive file by right click and extract here. A folder firefox will be created. Inside this folder, a file firefox is present. Give execute permission to this file by typing sudo a+x firefox/firefox.

Double clicking the file will open a message box. Choose Run in the message box. This will open the Firefox 4.0 browser. This is the simple way of using Firefox 4.

A neater way is to move the folder firefox either to a separate folder for programs in your home folder, or to the /usr/local/ directory. For the former, running the firefox file inside the firefox folder is enough. Moving the folder to /usr/local will require root’s permissions. Type sudo mv firefox /usr/local to move the folder to /usr/local/

The older version can be removed using synaptic, which leads to a broken application launcher in the top panel. Right click on it, and choose properties, browse for the firefox file or enter its path correctly. The command that I have to use will hence beĀ usr/local/firefox/firefox %u, as I have moved the folder firefox to /usr/local Click on the icon on the left choose firefox/icons/mozicon128.png. Click on the launcher to launch Firefox 4.0


Brand and Quality

Premium brands are believed as symbol of quality, and price to be proportional to durability by many a people of the modern world. Rarely do people think as to how much their belief is correct. I tried to question the believes of a few people, who strongly believed brand means quality. Their main argument is the durability. But when the question of whether it is wise to pay four times to get twice the durability, many fall silent.

The Indian middle class is very much interested in durability of whatever they buy. Sometimes the durability expectations will be even double the expected use period of it. Indeed there was a time when I was a child, when Indian brands were symbols of quality, and they were actually delivering the quality and durability. When the international brands came in, though all those rules changed, still people have the perception, that the more expensive something is, the better it is.

Some brands tries to forcefully sell their products even when the consumer don’t really want it. Some operating systems are bundled with every laptop, and people are forced to choose that. In fact, many people have a limited choice of hardware, once they decide not to have that operating system, sponsored by some monopolies.

Another trend, is the selling of food at unreasonably high price, even when no value addition is done. Many people will have the experience of getting into a hotel, and forced to take some bad tasting food from there, and pay a huge bill. In my view, it is better to leave the hotel, after seeing the menu, if you are not satisfied, even if you have to burn the same amount worth of petrol to get to a more satisfying place. Such shops should fall victim of the market forces and competition. Such shops are successful at city like areas, where there is a high chance of new people coming in every day. If you take the food today, feeling unsatisfied, somebody else will do that tomorrow, though you wont go there again.

Why are there artificial distinctions being imposed for the software? Like different versions of Operating systems, one for business, one for Home etc., with different price points and features, when the company will have less expense, if they have a single version of the product, with single pricing?. It seems the motive is to give people a feeling of choice and freedom to choose, so that they will not exercise, the instinct for freedom, to choose something they don’t sell. People wants to be free to choose. The success of business it seems in maintaining a monopoly and giving artificial choices to the consumers.

When will there be an end to all these and more bad practices in the market? May be on that day that never comes, when all the people on the earth are fully aware of the market!!!

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