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Must use tools for Electronics/Electrical Students

ToolsHere is a list of computer based tools, which i know or have used and felt to be great and must-use for every elctrical/electronics engineering students. Priorities are price, ease of use on multiple platforms, popularity etc..

Analog/Power Electronic Circuts – LTspice (works smoothly in wine)
Antenna Design – MMANA-GAL
C/C++ IDE – Code::Blocks (linux & win versions available. use the installer with mingw, if you want compilers also installed)
Embedded Development – SDCC (8051), WinAvr (AVR)
Networking – WireShark (have both linux and win versions)
Numerical Simulations, Visualisation – Octave (great on linux, with QtOctave), Matlab (non free), Scilab. Scilab’s language is a bit different from the other two.

There are many other tools like KiCad that are worth giving a try. For digital circuit simulation, evaluation/student version of many softwares are available. In addition to these, I have used tools for PCB layout etc, which I don’t remember the name. sourceforge.net is a good place to search for authentic free softwares.

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