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February 12, 2015 Leave a comment

If you go sit beneath a coconut tree to escape from the hot sun, and then you fall asleep in the shades of the tree; and then if by chance a ripe coconut falls on your head, killing you, will that be called your fate?

But there exists a certain wisdom that allows you to choose a tree with a lower chance of fatal accidents. Of-course, I don’t believe you can always make the probability zero. There exists a non-zero chance that a rock from Mars or an aeroplane engine falls on this particular tree taking away your life or perhaps wiping away all life forms from earth. You can further reduce the chance, if you actively track all the inter planetary objects heading to earth :-D.

Moral is that though life is full of chance events, there exists a certain wisdom in each case to bend the chance to your favour. But remember that however you reduce the probability of the worse; as long as it is non-zero, there is a chance!

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