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On the human need for happiness

January 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Life seems like a never-ending pursuit for happiness. Modern man never finds it happy in a steady state no matter how good the state is. Seems it is very important for the existence that there is always something that worries him. He always want something to be pursued, something to worry about..

Let me make myself clear what I mean by happiness. I am not referring to the short lived bliss that you get when you listen to a great piece of music, or enjoying a great piece of art. Rather I am considering the overall state of mind over a longer period of time, – say a month. Such overall feelings will surely be the result of thought that are persistent.

May be everyone ‘happy’ must be worrying about something. And I don;t think the unhappy mind doesn’t have any worry either. So everyone has something to worry. The things that keeps one worrying about should be the ones that determine greatness from mediocrity. (Greatness and mediocrity when measured by the contributions to the society.)

Other animals should be happy once their fundamental physical needs and emotional needs are satisfied. So what makes us go beyond the others. Is it something social? Is it something to do with our ability to think with language? Is it the unique identity, and a need to be unique; that the society instills in us through the many examples in history, and of own lineage that makes us want to be unique? What exactly is the fuel for the pursuit for happiness?

Is there a difference in the attitudes of various cultures in this regard? Is there a difference in terms of age? Is it really necessary to have a purpose in life?